This web-site was established to provide anyone falsely accused of child abuse with easy access to advice, attorney referrals, expert testimony, ways to protect yourself, and ways to fight the Child Protective System.  This web-site is in it's initial stages, but I wanted to get it available as quickly as possible.  I will continue to try and make this website an all encompassing site to aid anyone who has been falsely accused of child abuse.  However, I can not be liable for the accuracy of the content on other sites.  Before taking any action recommended on any internet site, ensure that it does not conflict with your local judicial or state laws and check with an attorney to ensure it will not jeopardize your case.  The information posted is only as accurate as the person posting the information believes it to be!  So surfer beware.  Under each subheading you will find as many applicable links as I have found during a search on the internet pertaining to the particular heading. www.amazon.co.uk used grow tent kit for sale

False cases are primarily due to over-reporting, the lack of proper investigation procedures, the lack of training for those who investigate, and misdirected and biased analysis of the alleged victim and the alleged perpetrator.  In spite of the legal presumption that anyone accused of a crime is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, in child abuse cases the general presumption by the public is that of guilt.  Even if the accused is cleared through a criminal and civil proceeding, they may still find themselves labeled a confirmed child abuser.  In the eyes of the Child Protection System, if the accused is cleared, an injustice was done.  The closed report may still show that the allegations were confirmed by the Child Protective Investigator, but may not show that the case was won or dismissed in court.  You may go years before you are aware of this labeling when you are turned down for a position working with children or unable to adopt because of the child abuse check results.
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Advice - Steps to protect yourself during a child abuse/neglect investigation.

Case Laws - Various case laws involving parental rights, due process, search and seizure laws, immunity laws pertaining to child protection investigations.

Child Custody Disputes/Divorce - Legal assistance, child abuse information, custody laws, repairing your credit, private investigators

Child Protection System Reform - Changes that need to be made to dependency process.

Expert Testimony, Defense Attorneys & Case Analysis - Medical, Technical, Bio-Mechanical, Child Abuse Witness Experts, Criminal & Civil Defense Attorneys and consultation/case analysis services.

Fighting the Child Protection System - Lawsuits, legal litigation

Laws and Policies - Applicable to the Department of Children & Families

Miscellaneous Links - Parents rights, applicable laws, getting copy of agencies policies, how to contact congress/senate, attorney referrals, defense publications.

Molestation and Sexual Abuse Allegations - Protection against false accusations

Newspaper Articles - Highlights taken from articles published in the Orlando Sentinel regarding problems with the Florida Child Protection Agency.

Our Story - Police officer, prior active duty military member, wrongfully labeled child abuser

Shaken Baby Syndrome Links

Stories of Those Falsely Accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome & Other Child Abuse - New section giving others a place to get their story heard - if you would like your story added send an e-mail with the information or your website address.

If you have suggestions for additional information to enter to this site or other web-sites to link to that would further assist those falsely accused please e-mail suggestions, comments or questions to: